"A busy child is a child away from crime and jail"

About us

Kingdom Connected Campers known as KCC were started in 2017 and became a legal entity in 2019 when it was registered as Non-profit Company with CIPC and later registered with Department of Social Development (DSD) as Non-profit organization in 2020.

Our Primary Objective:

Community Training and Educational Development

Secondary Objective:

To serve as a talent discovering, development and exposing organization.

Vision Statement:

To inform, inspire and educate people how to reach their professional goals and to support them to accomplish their goals faster, easier with less stress and more enjoyment.

Mission Statement:

We operate on a non-profit basis where our local community benefit and include, but not limited to:

  • advancing education
  • providing relief to the poor
  • improving social welfare
  • preserving arts, culture and sports
  • preserving or restoring the environment
  • promoting human rights and 
  • establish civil society.


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Thys Bouwers


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Jermain King



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Ivan Messelaar



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Esdene Messelaar

Dep. Secretary


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